Sweet Moments
-Add Artworks & Text to Your Photos!
Add awesome effects, filters,
use graphic arts and types, chose different
textures and more other things for your
photos and pictures.

App contains collection of original graphic arts, different types
and various creative options for its editing.
Make your photos as work of Art!

Sweet Moments’ can help you:

  • Make bright pictures for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Create greeting cards
  • Beautify your pictures with inspirational,
    wise or funny quotations
  • Signed pictures to remember
  • Make memes
  • Make personal desktop pictures with your own text
  • Add marks and comments for different items
  • Create different pictures with stylish text and drawing

With the help of the inscriptions you can increase
new sense to your photo!

How to use app:

  • Chose photo, saved previously or make a
    new one. Change scope or cut the photo
    for appropriate size. Improve the photo
    with the help the filters.

  • Add text, you can try different types of
    prints and chose the best one or
    add graphic arts from the collection.

  • Edit to your’s taste. Chose the color, use
    options like Clarity and Shade

  • Edit the size, position, incline, text and
    graphic disposition manually

  • Save the picture or share it with friends
    in Instagram, Facebok, Pinterest or
    other social sites

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